Simple, Minimal & Natural.

That’s our approach to life and our products here at Elkwood. We believe that Nature has it sorted, so why mess with it?

In our humble and minimal range of boutique natural skincare we only use sustainable and organic ingredients to honour the health of our planet and the health of your skin.

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We believe in a WHOLE approach to living well…

That’s why we take care of your physical body and mental health with our range of natural skincare and mindful body flow sessions and we also take it a step further by looking after your planet too with plastic free, recyclable packaging and sustainably made products.

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We make things the old fashioned way…

In small batches like they used to in days gone by, before the introduction of factories and machines.

And we fix things instead of throwing them away, that’s why we offer a lifetime stitch guarantee on our linen totes!

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Wholesale enquiries welcome.

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