Slow Sessions


For those wanting to slow down, reconnect and take 5 from the hustle and bustle in your life (and in your head!).

So what is a SLOW session anyway?

Well, it’s just that really, a time to GO SLOW and be still, a time to set aside your to do list and just do 1 thing… breathe.

During a SLOW session you will practice mindful body flow®, which is a series of breathing techniques, gentle stretches and calming reiki healing to help you shift negative energy, stretch and relax your body and  learn to override the fight or flight response by calming the sympathetic nervous system.

In order to thrive in this fast paced world, we need to have the tools to counteract the imbalances that occur when our bodies are under the constant stress of go go go.

Relax, recharge and take home with you a practice that is simple, effective and can be used anywhere, anytime.

Whether you are stressed at work or at home, going through a big life change, feeling anxious or just feeling a bit ‘out of sorts’, practising mindful body flow can help you to bring a sense of calm and harmony to your daily life.

Slow Sessions will be available very very soon 🙂